Marie Osmond is the only daughter of George and Olive Osmond and only sister of the famous "Osmond Brothers". As a child Marie would collect dolls along with her mother. Today, Marie shares her passion for the love of dolls through her own line of dolls marketed originally by L.L. Knickerbocker and now by Charisma Brands. The doll line made its debut in 1991 on QVC and at Disney. Collectors of these dolls love the dolls for their beauty, variety and collectibility, but also admire and respect Marie and her Family.

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Businessman Louis Knickerbocker first approached Marie to create a line of Porcelain Collector Dolls after reading a article on her love of doll collecting.

Marie began working with the L.L.Knickerbocker Company in 1990 and in 1991 the Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Collector Dolls debuted on QVC and at Disney. In August 1991, Marie debuted her dolls on QVC with show host Mary Beth Roe. Immediately the doll line was very sucessful at QVC with nearly every doll selling out on the first show.Marie was also featured on the front cover of Doll Reader this month and was actually the first human to be pictured on one of their covers. To launch her doll line at Disney World, "Jessica", a doll created and named after Marie's own daughter, was treated to a parade in the park and is the only doll to have its handprints in cement at Disney World.

Marie sculpted her first doll for the line in 1995 and introduced her famous sculpt in August 1995. Olive May was a HUGE success and sold out almost immediately. Olive May was named after Marie's mother "Olive Osmond".

In August 1996, Marie celebrated her fifth anniversary with QVC and her doll line by debuting "I Love You Beary Much". This doll was a collaboration between a Marie Osmond sculpt and a Annette Funicello Collectible Teddy Bear. This doll was also a HUGE hit with collectors of both dolls and teddy bears. This anniversary also marked the first doll that Marie's dad sculpted for Marie's line named "Georgette". This particular QVC show was a very special show and one of the favorites in many of the collectors minds....Marie's mom and dad surprised Marie by appearing on QVC for her fifth anniversary celebration.

In 1997, the Marie Osmond doll line received it's first Doll's Award of Excellence nominations for "Peek-a-Boo", "Adora Belle" and "Elise". Marie's line was also nominated as "Trendsetter of the Year" in the collectibles industry.

Marie has many dolls in her line that reach over 500 dolls at this time. She also offers different series, stories behind the dolls, and a variety of great sculptors/artists. Marie offers a special touch to each doll and thats part of the reason for her success with her doll line.