Collecor's Corner

A Fellow MDF Member will be spotlighted in a future issue of Doll Crafter Magazine. Congratulations Karen for this great honor!

We thought it would be nice if we did a spotlight ourselves on Karen and here is a little information Karen wrote about herself for us to spotlight here:

I've been collecting dolls all my life, literally beginning at birth when I was given my very first doll.....a Raggedy Ann that I still have to this day. I began making soft-sculpture dolls about 20 years ago; they were similar to the Cabbage Patch Kids that were so popular back then. I have painted in oils since I was 6 years old, and I have a love of quilting that goes back to my teen years. I guess I've always been kind of "crafty!"

It was thanks to my friend Karin that I discovered reborn dolls. She had bought one on Ebay just over a year ago and when she showed me his picture I couldn't get over how REAL he looked. Naturally, Karin and I decided we had to try and make some of these darling babies ourselves, so we did!

Karin and I made reborns for each other and traded....then we decided to make them and see if we could sell them. I made a reborn, took him to the preschool where I teach, and began taking orders that very day. Now here I am, just 14 months later and I am working on my 68th doll! Making dolls combines my love of painting and art with my love of babies and children. I always say it's a match made in dolly heaven!

Below are just a few pictures of some of Karen's Reborn's:

If you are interested in visiting her website, you can do so by going to:

Many thanks to Karen for sharing with us and also a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for being spotlighted in Doll Crafter Magazine.

Karen Seamon's shares a few pics

Far Left is Marie, then Lisa, Karen and Sonja

Karen pictured here with Sonja Bryer

Pictured here is: Sonja, Marie, Karen and Lisa